South African Lobster Tails

Grilled Sriracha Butter LobsterIf you are a foodie like us, lobsters have to be among your top choices for the best seafood dishes there are in the world.

When cooked properly and with great seasoning marinades and butter, no other food comes close to the unique, succulent juicy tastes you get when you eat lobsters.

Though they are an easy meal to make, a lot goes into choosing the best lobster tails for that special occasion than just the mere name.

Though lobster tails are quite pricey, if chosen right and cooked well they are totally worth it. Trust me, you can never go wrong with a nice laid out meal of lobsters for your loved one. On the contrary, you will be amazed by how much people will like them.

Warm Water VS Cold Water Lobster

australian lobster vs maine lobsterIf you want to have a delicious seafood dinner, there is no doubt that lobster tails are your best option. However, how well your meal turns out all depends on how well you pick and buy your lobster tails.

When buying lobster tails a few factors play a major role on how best of a deal you’ll get. For those of you who want the best, the place where a lobster is bred matters most.

Warm water or cold water bred lobsters? Cold water lobsters are your best option. One of the best places to order shipped lobster tails is from South Africa.



South African Lobster Tails

difference between rock lobster and maine lobsterSouth African lobsters are uniquely rose colored, cold water species which live off the southern tip of Africa in the South African ocean.

This South African-bred lobster thrives in the South waters of the Atlantic where it grows very slow and develops a compact, muscular tail than water bred lobsters. Hence, it develops a one of a kind texture and succulent flavor.

Being a sought out delicacy around the world, the South African lobster tails are widely renowned due to their great perks and juicy taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

To obtain the lobster tails from the South African lobsters, a long line lobster trap is used. These lobsters have a tail mass of about 45% giving one of the highest lobster tails in the globe.

These tails boast a fresh lush delectable taste and tender texture that keeps customers coming back for more and more.



Frozen Lobster Tails For Sale

These tails are shipped frosted having been cut from live lobsters and served as the premier delicacy lobster tails around the world suitable for a number of great dishes including surf and turf.

As a plus, you can have the South African Lobster tails shipped directly to your doorstep in the best condition for you to enjoy when you order online.



The next time you are thinking of cooking lobster, order the premier South African lobster tails for that delicacy succulent meal you are craving for!

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