How Much Brisket Per Person

How Much Brisket Per Person Should You Cook?


How Much Brisket Per PersonAs your cooking skills perfect and diverse, so will more people ask you to cook or show up when you invite them for dinner. Cooking for a large group of people can be quite daunting and you can be stuck on the drawing board for quite some time.

Therefore, it is very important to make a good budget so that you don’t have a room filled with hungry people. Here are some tips to ensure you are not caught up in a catch-22.



How Many Pounds Of Brisket Per Person?

Basically, when preparing a brisket/pulled pork plan on a pound per person if the brisket is the main dish. As you know, the cooking process reduces the total weight of the meat prior to cooking it.

You will probably lose about 45-50% if you plan on trimming down the fact and considering the shrinkage upon cooking. With that said, you should put that into consideration when purchasing the amount of pork you need for each person.

Therefore, get about 2 pounds more just in case there are some heavy hitters. Besides, if the brisket is not finished you will have some left-overs you can put to good use.

Also, buy a great cut of meat. Organic/grass fed meat is best and if it is a special occasion or a holiday, go ahead and buy Angus beef and kosher meat. For a brisket, fat is key therefore choose a cut with more marbling to make it tender.

Don’t trim the fat as well not only does it lower the quantity of meat but it also makes it less juicy and tasty. The fat also aids the brisket to cook slow making it really tender. Additionally, ensure your cooker is big enough for the brisket, preferably use a slow cooker to cook the meat longer and make it tender.
Consider making the brisket earlier to give it more time to marinate and soak in the juices, this ensures your brisket is top-notch and your guests love it.





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