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Beef Chart – Your Butchers Primal Cuts

Brisket is one of the classic BBQ meats along with pork shoulder and ribs. It cooks well when you let it take time in low heat. It is a cut from the lower part of the chest or

breast of beef. There are 9 primal cuts in beef, brisket being one of them. The exact definition of the cut is, however, debatable by international paradigms. Brisket is made up of the superficial and deep pectoral muscles. 60% of the cattle’s weight is supported by these muscles. This is the reason the meat has so much connective tissue and needs to be cooked right to tenderize.

It is important that you buy your brisket from a reliable source because the kind of brisket you get depends with the cut. A good cut will have just the right fat to help it cook into a nice smoky black in a good marinade. The choice of meat has been widened now with online ordering. If you know of a place that is hailed as having some of the most delightful barbeques, you can order from there and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

Where To Buy Brisket?

wholesale beef brisket suppliersA typical brisket package from an online order of smoked brisket will come with the brisket together with hot sauce and barbecue sauce. Different brisket packages vary between 6 and 8 pounds in weight depending on who you get it from.

If you are planning a barbecue party, then the most sensible choice is to have your barbecue brisket delivered. Packer cut brisket may be ideal for such large meals. The cut is a large block of meat with the top fat layer. It’s also the most sensible choice because you can trim it down to flat cuts which you can use differently.

There are plenty of ways to make a good brisket right at your backyard. It takes knowing the special ingredients in some marinades and things such as how long to cook the meat for and the level of heat. The basic thing about making good beef brisket is, to cook it for a long period of time so that the collagen can thaw out so that unusually chewy parts are tender. Once the collagen breaks the meat becomes juicy and takes on whatever flavor you throw in the mix while preparing it.

Brisket For Sale Online

If you are wondering where to buy brisket then you can try a few online resources. Mail order brisket goes for $75 for 8-10 pounds of meat and $90 for 10-12 pounds of brisket. For cheap brisket you can go for choice grade brisket steak which should cover you for 12-15 people.

Corned brisket prices also vary with weight. 13-15 pounds of whole brisket are available at $129.95 at various online stores. 6-8 pounds goes for $98.95 and 3-4 pounds goes for $49.95. All orders come uncooked, regardless of the preferences of the buyer or specifications put forth during placement.


Different Variations Of Brisket

corned beef brisket for saleThere is a lot of variety to choose from. Wagyu brisket is one type and is gotten from wagyu cows. The meat has a lot of marbling and is the most identifiable characteristic. In America wagyu cows are crossbred with Angus to give an American type of beef known as Kobe beef. Kobe beef brisket is also the well-marbled type.

Wagyu brisket costs $199.00 for a 6 pound cut. The price goes even five times higher than other kinds of brisket since you have to pay for the shipping cost on the price of the brisket. Mail order brisket is cheaper to get additionally you also get to choose which kind of brisket you want and whether it should come smoked or not.

Prime beef brisket is one which has a softer feel to it and just the right amount of marbling. They are usually a cut above the choice grade therefore they should come at a higher price. However, preparing prime beef brisket takes a little bit shorter for a nice tender consistency.

Texas brisket is hailed as being the finest bbq beef brisket. In Texas the whole beef brisket is seared after generous seasoning such that the outer layer turns black. The top may look burnt but inside it is a softer part of barbecue brisket with tantalizing juiciness.

How To Cook Brisket

where to buy wagyu beef brisketThere are many recipes that you can use to make finger licking beef brisket. Preparation of the meat involves basting using a marinade you like. The marinade helps in the process of gelatinization. The fat layer atop the meat is left intact so that the meat does not dry up while cooking.

Most people like to cook it over an indirect fire of wood or charcoal after marinating or rubbing with spice. The kind of wood one chooses to use adds to the flavor of the meat. When the juices from the meat fall on the fire and burn the smoke adds to the taste. Hickory, oak, pecan and mesquite are some of the hard woods that are considered to give the meat a flavor superior to all others.

Brisket Recipes

Slow Cooked Brisket And Onions

It’s an old fashioned method of doing it that takes the better part of the day. The pot roast takes only a few ingredients and gives you a tasty broth and tender juicy meat. Some red and yellow onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce is what you need for this preparation. After cooking it on low for 6 to 8 hours it is kept to cool over the night so that the fat solidifies. Brisket that has rested for a night tastes great the next day. The flavors have had enough time to get into the meat.

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Slow cooked brisket and onions


1 pounds red and yellow onions

1 table spoon olive oil

3 pounds beef brisket

6 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tablespoons soy sauce

2 cups beef broth

Freshly ground black pepper and coarse kosher salt

· Cut the onions in half moons. Use the olive oil to cook the onions in a deep sauté pan on low heat. Do this for about 20 minutes so that the onions caramelize lightly.

· Leave the onions to cook and season the brisket while they cook. Use salt and pepper to season the meat and sear it in a skillet or sauté pan till it has a golden brown crust. The meat is seared in medium-high heat.

· After the brisket is golden brown on both sides put it in a slow-cooker. Mix the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and broth in the slow-cooker. Sprinkle the minced garlic on top of the meat and cover. Let it cook with low heat for about 6 to 8 hours. Crock pot brisket is usually a good make before meal since it tastes better when it has been left to rest for a night. Slow cooker brisket also has a characteristic tenderness that makes it ideal to serve as a main course dish.

· If you want the brisket extremely tender and shredded then you should let it cook for longer. For a formal presentation where you’ll need to cut it then cook it for a shorter period.

Recipe For Tangy Brisket

The final result in this case is a tangy moist and smoky brisket. You can prepare this for the holidays and just if you want to wow your guests or family with your kitchen skills. It’s pretty easy to make and the key phrase is still to cook slow.

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Recipe for tangy brisket


1 white onion diced


Brown sugar


Lemon juice

Worcestershire sauce

Hot pepper powder and sauce

Kosher salt

Horse radish

  • Melt one stick of butter-or more if you like, in a sauce pan. Add the diced onions and cook on medium heat until they are tender. Now add 1 cups of the brown sugar and mix until it blends with the butter and onions well. It’s now time to add the ketchup, which you will need generous amounts of. Add 3 cups of ketchup and stir. Just take a whole 24 ounce bottle of ketchup to squirt on the onion-sugar mixture and then add 4 more ounces.
  • After you have all that simmering in the sauce pan it’s time to juice the lemons. Squeeze out a 1/3 cup of juice. You will need 2 lemons or 3 if they are not juicy enough. Add the lemon juice in the ketchup mixture for the tangy taste that makes you look like you’re a professional at this. Get the Worcestershire sauce and add half a cup in the already appetizing sauce. Now we are working up a nice flavor. Add 2 tea spoons of horseradish and half a tea spoon of garlic. The next thing to add is the kosher salt, 1 teaspoon should do. What you need next is hot pepper sauce. Add 1 spoons and if you like your food a bit hotter you can go ahead and make it 2. After the sauce now add the hot pepper powder in the same amount as the sauce.
  • Now that you have all your ingredients inside the mixture let it boil for 30 minutes so that some water evaporates to achieve a thicker consistency. Stir the sauce every few minutes as the water reduces so that it does not scorch the pan. The sauce is now ready for the next step of cooking this glorious brisket.

  • Take 3 cups that you will pour on the roasting pan. Put the meat in the pan, cover it in the sauce completely and cover it with aluminum foil. The rest of the sauce remains so that you can use it on the meat later. Cook the meat for 4 hours at 250 degrees until the meat is tender. Check on the pan every hour pouring the sauce over the meat if it has collected at the sides of the pan. After four hours or so the sauce will form a layer over the meat that gets you excited about the meal you just finished preparing. The job is not done yet, however. Allow the brisket to settle for about 15 minutes so that the tastes can redistribute in the meat.
  • Slice it up real nice for presentation and serve it in a platter. Pour the remainder of the sauce on the meat and garnish with coriander.


Other varieties of brisket

beef brisket nutritionIn Jewish cooking brisket is prepared as a pot roast that is braised. Brisket is popularly served during holidays such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Sabbath.

In Korean cuisine brisket is prepared by boiling it in vegetables with good aromas. It is then pressed with a heavy object over one night and served in thin slices the next day. These days the thin brisket slices can also be cooked quickly over a hot plate. In New Zealand the Maori people season it and boil it with vegetables.

In Britain smoked brisket is not very popular. The typically method of preparation involves cooking on a covered casserole with a lot of gravy. In the US a similar way of cooking is referred to as pot roast but in the UK the same is known as stewed or braised beef. It is also another type of slow cooker brisket.

In Germany they have their own way of braising brisket with beer. The brisket is cooked with a little thyme mixed with celery, onions, carrots and bay leaves.

In Hong Kong the recipe is traditional and pretty simple to get right. The whole brisket is cooked in low heat with a lot of spices until it is tender. The brisket is accompanied by noodles in curry or soup.


Brisket is a beef cut that you can do a lot with in terms of preparation. When you are looking for brisket for sale make sure to think about the size and type of the cut. Fish around the internet for some recipes or try one of those listed above. Every time you have friends over or a birthday party you might keep surprising your friends and loved ones with a new brisket recipe.

Whenever you are buying, be keen to go all out for the real deal and never be afraid to pay over the top for a good cut. Online brisket in particular needs very special consideration when it comes to the credibility of the store as well as the quality sold.

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