Beef Ribs

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Beef Cut Chart – Fresh Beef Cuts

Before you cook good ribs that are thick, fatty, succulent and deep in flavor, you have to buy equally good ribs from a good cut and good grade which is based on marbling (fat in the muscle) and age. When choosing which beef ribs in mind, the toughest cuts give the most sensational flavors.

Buying beef ribs can be really tricky; therefore, if you take your ribs seriously, it is worth taking the time to understand where the best cuts of ribs come from in a cow. Basically, a steer is made up of 13 ribs on each side of the rib cage. The first 5 ribs are in the chuck cut and the next 7 ribs make up the rib primal of the rib section. The remaining rib is in the loin cut which is considered to be the best cut hence it is more costly.

Probably as you would imagine, these cuts vary a bit from one cut to the other not only in their texture but also in flavor. Now let’s get into the heart of the matter or in this case being the meat on the beef ribs. There are two different types of ribs the back ribs and the short ribs.

Where To Buy Beef Ribs?

If I had to list down my all-time best comfort foods, beef ribs would rank top and am sure am not alone. Are you looking to buy the best grade of raw beef ribs with a big fatty chunk of meat hanging in them? You’re in luck. In this day and age, you can purchase anything online, from vintage watches downright to Halloween costumes, yes, anything name it.

Luckily, beef is no exception. Many butchers have adapted the digital rich-market environment to deliver quality beef ribs for sale and make it easily accessible to your reach. How convenient. Since standing at the butchers in a long queue might not be what you are looking forward to after a long day in the office, buying your beef ribs online might just be what you need to cut to the chase and get the exquisite cuts of meaty beef ribs you are craving for.


Beef Ribs

The back ribs are from the upper part of the steer’s rib cage just next to the backbone from the rib primal. There are seven bones in a beef back ribs slab and are not very meaty hence, you can see the bones since when the rib roast is cut from the rib section the back ribs are what is left.

Back ribs are the most common ribs for barbeque and for a good reason, they contain less connective tissue so, if you are in the mood for some juicy bones that barbecue real fast go for the beef back ribs, they are also good for braising because of the marrow in them and are used to provide a stupendous flavor in stews.

Prime Rib - 22The Ribeye steak is an example of a good cut off back ribs and is the most expensive and tender cut of beef in the market. Also known as the prime rib roast or the standing rib roast, it is cut from the rib section. Not only is it soft and tender but it is also quite a huge cut weighing up to 20 pounds, however, it is divided into sections for beef ribs sales.

The price for prime ribs start at $9.99 per lb. for the choice seasoned prime rib with the bone in and $16.99 per lb. for the prime seasoned rib with bone. High-quality prime ribs can be bought online from beef steak restaurants with online delivery websites.

Beef Short Ribs

buy prime rib onlineThe short ribs come from the short palate from the lower, ventral section from the shoulder area. They are made up of three types of very delightful cuts. Don’t let the name short beef ribs deceive you, contrary to their name, these beef ribs are cut in various sizes and can be very large additionally, they are tougher and meatier than beef back ribs and contain less connective tissues and a bit less fat with a superb beefy flavor that will leave you craving for more.

The bones on the short ribs are almost straight and are good for kalbi, braising and barbecue. Though, a little tender-loving is needed when cooking them since they require more time to cook in order to unleash their full exquisite potential.

Short Plate Ribs

These ribs are from the underside of the chest and are cut from the end of the ribs; the meat is usually thicker on one side usually from near the shoulder and is called chuck ribs at times. They are really good. Each rib in the short plate ribs contains a flat bone with a lot of connective tissue and marbling on it for its flavor. It takes a couple of hours to tenderize the short plate ribs.

boneless prime rib recipeEnglish Cut Short Ribs

This is a common cut where the short ribs are cut parallel to the bone into rectangular shapes and have a layer of fat on them. They can be sold as a rack or as a pack of individual ribs.

Flanken Cut Short Ribs

When short ribs are cut into stripes across the bone, they are called flanken style ribs. The hard fat in them absorbs marinades well and have a rich flavor when grilled. Additionally, it is also good when braised; you can even cut it off the bone and use it for stir fry it is the preferred cut for the Korean Kalbi marinade hence, very common among Asians and Mexicans.

Short Rib Riblets

These are simply normal short ribs cut into smaller pieces but with the same chunky meat as a full rib. They are versatile and can be cooked and used in a variety of dishes they are great for braising and barbecue for the family. When buying, try to select the package with more meaty chunks.

Boneless Short Ribs

boneless prime ribNeedless to say, the boneless short ribs are meat cut off the bone. They are to be cooked in low temperatures b
ecause they can be a bit tough. You can use the Jaccard meat tenderizer to soften them before you begin cooking.

That being said, look for a good rack of ribs with a bright red color and with fat speckled through the muscle. As you buy from your butcher or order online request for short ribs from the chuck section, this ensures you get ribs with firm muscle and meat that covers the bone.

Now that you know the different types of cuts there are. How do you cook these different cuts to unleash their full potential to give you the exquisite beefy flavor you want? Regardless of which cut of amazing beef rib you settle for, there are various methods you can use to prepare and cook them. So without further ado, let’s get right into them.


Prime Rib Recipes

Smoked/Barbecued Beef Ribs:

The first thing you do is to prepare your beef ribs. Place a rack of ribs meat side down on a sheet then remove the thin paper-like membrane from the back of your ribs by inserting a knife under it. Start on the middle bones this will make it easy to do. After, Make an excellent rub of salt and paper for seasoning and rub it generously on both sides of the beef ribs then cover the rack with a plastic wrap and refrigerate them as you set up the grill.

Set up the grill and preheat it to a medium 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for indirect grilling. Then a large pan at the middle of the grate where you will place the ribs.

When you’re ready to start smoking, lightly oil and brush the grate then place the ribs at in the middle of the drip pan, bones down further from the heat. Place a lid over and cook the ribs until they are nicely browned and cooked through. You know that the smoked beef ribs are done if the meat has pulled back from the bone a few inches and it is tender enough to pull out the meat with your fingers. Smoking beef ribs are pretty easy so don’t overthink the overall process. You simply want to add smoke and make them tender.

Smoked/Barbecued Short Beef Ribs

Short beef are very versatile and can be smoked in a couple of different ways. The key in smoked short beef ribs is the marinating and basting. If you perform these two stages with great expertise, you will without a doubt enjoy some of the best world-class ribs at the heart of your home.

Barbecued Pastrami Short Ribs Recipe:
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Barbecued Pastrami Short Ribs Recipe

For the dry rub You will need: 3 to 4 pounds short ribs with bone, 2-1/2 tablespoons black peppercorns, a tablespoon of aniseed, 2 tablespoons mustard seeds, 3
tablespoons coriander seeds, 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar, 1 big garlic and 8-10 cloves crushed and peeled coarsely chopped, 1 to 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of coarse salt.

For basting with mop sauce, you will need 1 teaspoon coarse salt, 1/2 cup cider vinegar and 1 cup of ginger ale. Use a sharp pointed batter knife to deeply accrue the meaty side on the ribs crossing line patterns then put the rack of ribs in a roasting pan. Make your wet rub paste by mixing and crushing all the above ingredients together and use a spatula to generously rub the sauce all over the rack of ribs then wrap the ribs tightly and leave them to in your refrigerator half a day. Marinate them the previous night to the day you plan to barbecue them.

Set up the grill and preheat it to a medium 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for indirect grilling. Then seat the large pan at the middle of the grill grate where you will place the ribs. As you wait for the grill to preheat, prepare the mop sauce and ready it for basting.

When you’re set to start smoking, use a brush and oil the grate then place the ribs in the middle of the drip pan, bones down further from direct heat. Use a lid to place over the ribs for about 45 minutes then baste the rack with mop sauce you prepared and cover them again to cook till they are very tender, you can mop the ribs again once or twice till they turn brown and then wrap them in aluminum foil. Use the barbecue sauce you prefer to serve your beefy ribs.

The Prime Rib Grilled/Standing Roast Recipe
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The Prime Rib Grilled/Standing Roast Recipe

Here is how to cook crusty on the outside and beefy tasty tender inside prime ribs always. The key in cooking prime rib grilled is the timing, for the rubbing and carving. Prepare the beef by making a series of holes in the roast on the top, sides and bottom of the sheath of fat and insert slivers of garlic in half of the holes and insert rosemary springs in the other holes.

Slide the remaining rosemary lives on a string you will use to tie up the roast. Make a rub made up of black peppercorns, sweet paprika, and sea salt and dried rosemary and rub it all over the roast especially on the top. Set up the grill and preheat it to medium heat then brush the grill grate with oil and place the roast with the fat side up on the pan to grill and cover it.

Grill the roast until it’s cooked to taste that is roast it 145 degrees then once nicely cooked cover it loosely with aluminum foil and serve with the barbecue sauce you prefer.


Don’t be shy to experiment with different marinating options you may like, to get the best barbecue recipe you prefer. As a matter of fact, you can try oven baked ribs here, instead of smoking your ribs your oven bakes them. Next time you buy or order your ribs make sure to order the best cut for your ribs to enjoy some perfectly tasty ribs.

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