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Recommended Barbecue Tools:

what do you need for a bbqDoes anyone get so pumped up at the mere thought of grilling? That antsy feeling you get that makes you want to throw almost everything in your refrigerator into the fire and grill time and time again, sounds familiar? Also, did you know that May is National Barbecue Month?

Who would have thought? It doesn’t matter if it’s the Fourth of July, the dead of a blizzard – plagued winter or Memorial Day… You get the picture right? Any holiday is the perfect excuse for all meat lovers to venture outdoors to grill succulent chicken, beef, pork and lots of many animals’ fleshes out there.

But you outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be a seasonal sport for just the holidays, did you know that with the right outdoor cooking tools, accessories, and equipment you can grill all your chunks of meat into alfresco feasts all year round?

Great cooking, in this case, great BBQ, needs more than good recipes, whether you are a grilling fanatic that craves pristine innovations or the occasional griller who likes to throw the occasional weekend grill for friends and family or simply, you a novice at grilling. We have got you covered!

Here is a guide to all the must have grilling equipment that will save you time and aid in adding flavor to your food and take your grilling to the next level by taming the flame especially, when you are cooking for many. Grab your notebook, a pen and probably a beer or a glass of wine and let’s get started.


Grilling Tools Essential

The Grill

Choosing between a gas, electric or the charcoal grill sets model is more of a lifestyle choice (I know this is a topic of a much no needed heated debate) but the important thing is to choose a grill that fits your needs and is ideal for your outdoor kitchen space.

things you need for a bbqTrue, gas grills are more expensive than charcoal grills since they are turned on automatically and are more convenient. However, charcoal grills are less expensive, are portable and produce a hotter flame.

Luckily, with the popularity and growth of outdoor cooking as well as the myriad of internet websites to regional and global styles and equipment you can find the best outdoor cookers from all over the world. The downside is it can be quite daunting to choose a grill from all the brands in the market.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Choose The Best Fit For You:

Aromatic wood plays a major role in augmenting flavors and adds the necessary equipment when it comes to BBQ. When choosing wood for smoking your grill, always go for hardwoods that are free of resin they are richer in flavor.

Additionally, a lid is essential in a grill, a bigger grill is better, it accommodates more. Finally, look for a grill with all the features you can afford that doesn’t dent your bank account.


For your grill to work perfectly, you need to fuel it. For a charcoal grill, you will need some pieces of charcoal briquettes and sheets of newspaper to smoke the chimney and get your grill started. While for a gas grill you will need a container of propane to light it up.

Chimney Starters

everything you need for a bbqSay bye bye to lighter fluid and hello to chimney starters. This great innovation is an upright metal tube that helps you light up your coals with only, a match and a few sheets of newspapers.

Awesome invention don’t you think? Just be sure to buy the largest model you can find this helps you fire up your grill with much-needed ease not to mention that it is cleaner, faster and better for the environment.



Long Handled Tongs

list of things needed for a bbq partyFor indoors cooking a pair of short tongs works best but when it comes to outdoor cooking albeit, short tongs can be quite cumbersome when flipping heaps of steaks over a blazing fire.

Therefore, when buying tongs, look for ones made of two separate arms that are connected with a spring hinge. Avoid the easily bent, lightweight, and fast-heating aluminum or ones with heat-proof nylon tips. Also, consider choosing tongs with a scalloped oval shape to the ones with looped or forked heads. The 48 Barbeque tongs set are a good option.


Grill Brush

list of things for a barbecueA great grill brush is not only an essential grill – ware it is very necessary. You want to always keep your cooking grate before and after you barbecue even while cooking to avoid delicate foods from sticking.

Don’t stick to the usual crumbled-up-balls of aluminum to do the scouring for you, with a grill brush you can have a trusted and helpful partner every single time you fire up your coals.

Choose a grill brush with stainless steel to one with brass bristles, not only does it last longer, but the bristles don’t break off easily which is exactly what you need. The Weber Style Heavy Duty Grill Brush or the Grill Daddy brushes are good choices.



things you need for a bbq partyA good spatula should be thin and flexible, long-handled, large, stainless and firm. Choose one that suits you best, two are ideal not forgetting a professional fish turner. Metal and silicone spatulas are the best when it comes to grilling.






An Instant Read Thermometer

bbq party list of thingsWhen it comes to most BBQ recipes for different types of meat, specific temperatures are required in order to have them grill just right to get their best potential. Hence, a great instant thermometer will allow you to gauge when your food achieves the desired temperature.

The advantage of a good thermometer is that it lets you grill your BBQ to each one of your guests’ desired temperatures earning you the praises of a good BBQ chef you want. Great right?




Fire Extinguisher

qvc cooks essentials bbq grill panNeedless to say, in the case of dangerous grease flare-ups conflagrations, you can easily turn out the fire and get back to yummy grilling.






BBQ Gloves

one world electronic essentials bbqWhen grilling, it is very necessary to take heed of all precaution matters you can. Wearing gloves while turning your chunks of meat will help you do just that keeps you from harm’s way from any flare-ups or oil spillage that may occur while you cook.







Flashlight or Grill Light

australia day bbq essentialsHad you not thought its necessary? Well, it is. Now, you don’t want to go about checking up your grilling steak in the dark do you? Use a grill light which should be clamped to the side of the grill or simply use a flashlight to provide you with the light.







Aluminum Foil

You can use the foil to wrap your succulent grilled foods after BBQ to ensure they don’t lose their flavor or dry out or simply use foil to beshield delicate foods such as veggies and fish from falling through the gate on the grill before you commence grilling.


Anti-fatigue Mat

stonemill essentials chipotle bbq seasoningI am sure you agree with me that grilling is a fun process but Boy! Can it be a long task? So why not consider making your time on the fore of the flames comfortable and appealing by investing on an anti-fatigue mat. The said mat holds a high bar on outdoor grill essentials; with its raised rubber surface, it provides welcomed comfort and traction making the grilling process pleasant.





An Outdoor Prep Cart

usana essentials price phils bbqThis is another essential grilling accessory that comes quite crafty making sure you have everything you need at hand in your outdoor workspace. No more trips to the kitchen to and fro to bring all the ingredients you need. Plus, it can be used for storage. Truly, you need this.





Cooking Stones

stonemill essentials chipotle bbqWhether you choose ceramic, lava, or salt stones, these stones are made to sit directly on the grill grate and circulate heat and air, evenly while foods cook.

These stones help to prevent disappointments due to flare-ups that may burn you’re perfectly thought out BBQ. As the old adage goes “prevention is better than cure” it is best to avoid any disappointments while cooking seafood, pizza, baking bread or even when cooking meats. /go/cookingstones/



 Mesh Grill Baskets

As the name suggests, the mesh grill baskets help cook side vegetable dishes, this is by helping them not fall over to the grill.

Long- Handled Basting Brush

This basting brush comes in handy when applying sauces towards the last finishing steps when grilling. Go for one with silicone heat-resistant bristles.

Roasters, Rotisseries, and Beer Can Cookers

If you like to have flame grilled chicken. The roasters and rotisseries are a must have for poultry dishes.

Presenting Your Grilled Cooked Foods

With all that said, after grilling your succulent dishes, present your grilled creation dishes on a stylish carving board that will leave a cooking statement on your guests. These helps lock the juices, flavor and moisture as you cut through the meat and serve.

For outdoor cooking, it is essential to invest in good barbecue decorations such as beautiful linen table cloths that suit your grilling garden, napkins, elegant break-resistant glasses and dinnerware, silverware grill utensils, bottle openers for the drinks and most importantly, do not forget salt and pepper shakers that add a sentimental touch to seasoning.

Now that you have a checklist of all grilling tools and grilling utensils you need to kick off and start smoking, for your outdoor BBQ kitchen, BBQ grill vents or BBQ gazebo. Here is a list of a few things you can start grilling today with your cool BBQ tools.


Things To Grill

Are your usual grilled burgers becoming too monotonous? Here are some of the tantalizing barbecue recipe ideas that you can try at home for your family and friends for summer BBQ with your grill gear at the mere heart of your home making the best barbecue restaurants have a run for their money.

For meat: try the BBQ corned beef brisket, the grilled hanger steak, grilled pork belly, lamb kebabs enriched with plum sauce and sour cream, barbecue chicken sewers, pork chops, BBQ ribs and steak, BBQ glazed spare ribs, marinated lamb chops, tandoori chicken recipe, grilled fish, grill vegetables and side dishes such as barbecue corn, barbecued squid salad or potato salad with horseradish, capers and lemon. Serve with homemade marinated summer barbecue sauces.

Barbecue Food

There is nothing quite like the taste you get from nicely, succulent rich of flavor barbecued foods. Delight your friends and loved ones by making them some of the best-barbecued foods there are various barbecue foods you can try while the sun is still up for dinner or lunch. Through easy to follow recipes such as burgers, hot dogs, grilled corn with chili mayonnaise, perfectly braised ribs, BBQ chicken wings, bread and butter pickles. Fish tacos marinated pork belly in sticky hoisin barbecue sauce, Mai Thai chicken wings, and serve a lot of people. Pork and halloumi burgers are great foods for meals. You can never go wrong with barbecued meals for their exquisite taste.


BBQ Corn

If you haven’t eaten grilled corn ever, trust me, you are missing out. BBQ corn is a great delicacy for a summer barbecue that is easy to make and a favorite dish for many. Well, there are many recipes you can try on making corn, my personal favorite is the chill-butter barbecued corn. Here you can either wrap the corn with an aluminum foil or leave the husks on for a dramatic presentation to your guests. Either way, you will enjoy the deliciousness the grilled corn will ooze in your mouth leaving you craving for more. You can try different recipes till you get the one that does it for you. Try the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 Kit for Big Green Egg full kit to grill your corn today.


BBQ Lobster Tails

Lobster tails, yum! The perfect seafood extravaganza for that special occasion. Looking for a meal that will impress your guests, you can never go wrong with lobster tails. Actually, with the right recipe and fresh lobster tails, you will be in for a surprise to how good lobster tails taste. You can serve with your best homemade butter mixture and lemon and garlic seasoning for that exquisite succulent taste that will leave you craving for more.

Finally, before you start grilling ensure you have all the right BBQ tool kit to start grilling. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your recipe ideas, who knows you might have the potential for the best tasty grilled meats there are. Don’t wait for summer to grill, make it an often outdoor sport. Enjoy!


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